Thai dragon chilli pickle


Pickle with a fiery kick! Here is what you need:

2-3 cups of thai dragon and Tabasco chilli peppers

equal amounts of ginger and garlic (peeled)

2 cups vinegar

2 cups mustard oil

1/2 cup freshly ground mustard seeds

3 heaped tablespoons of coriander seed

salt to taste

jars for storing

Chop the ginger and garlic with one cup vinegar in a food processor.  Heat mustard oil in a pan and start frying the ginger garlic until well roasted. Add the mustard powder and coriander powder and salt and keep frying. Grind the chillies with a half cup vinegar and add to the pan.  Keep frying and add the salt and fry a lot. Add the last half cup vinegar. Fry for a bit and then let sit until cooled down. Put into jars and store in fridge. Have to figure out if this can be preserved. If anyone has tips on that please do let me know.

Easy baked tofu and veggies – a healthy low carb meal!

Tofu Bake

Two packs of extra firm tofu cut into 2 inch by i inch by 1 inch pieces, you can set these between paper towels to drain
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How I spent Friday night, watching middle-aged wannabe Casanovas – Rascals

Take a Deewana Mastana story, twist it a bit so the third guy has a more active role in the film. Take two middle-aged leading men who have lost all sense of maturity, and throw them in with two young girls who are not afraid to strip down to their skivvies at the least provocation. Continue reading

Fall’s bounty – vegetable medley with paneer

I get a veggie basket every week and it is sometimes challenging to find time for cooking. Today was a good day. I came home with my basket and set to work immediately! Ended up with a great tasting vegetable medley that used up almost all the veggies in the basket.

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If you are a Twitter user read on….

You might be interested in the people’s choice, the democratic way – the Twi-Fi awards!

If you care then follow!/twi_fi_awards and vote for the Twitter jury now!

Voting for Tweeple Jury of the FIRST #TWIFI Awards is LIVE here: For details: #TwiFi

The far reaches of Bollywood!

Does Bollywood really have fans outside of India and the NRI community?  Here is a small collection of clips that suggest the influence of the Bollywood style film peppered with music and dancing is growing:

The Brazilian Soap Opera Caminhos das Indias aired in 2009 to exceptionally high ratings and increased the visibility of Indian culture and cuisine in Brazil:
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10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hot Buttered toast
good bread speaks directly to my sou!

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